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A few years ago, a client told me: “I wish I had your experience on my team, but I can’t afford someone at your level. I could hire an agency, but it's expensive and they'll likely assign more junior people to do the work.”

And thus, PJPR was born.

A strategic communications consultancy where what you see is what you get. Where clients tap into my 25+ years of experience as an award-winning public relations advisor and business journalist, at a cost that delivers exceptional value.

Today I help companies create competitive advantage at the intersection of corporate affairs, pubic opinion and capital markets. A place where effective communications is critical to business success.

If you need a trustworthy partner to develop a winning communications strategy or navigate a difficult issue, let's talk. There's nothing I love more than solving complex communications problems. Or perhaps you just need a media strategist or strong writer to ensure flawless execution. Whatever the need, I encourage you to peruse my credentials, services and client experience to see how I might be able to help.

- Paul Jensen, Founder and Principal Consultant, PJ|PR

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